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Hope you’re thirsty, Buttercup! Here’s what’s ready to fill your glass.

Mama’s BoyHard Cider12oz$7.00The cider that started it all! Our signature hard cider is a beautiful blend of dessert apples, fermented dry with wine yeast.We can/keg condition it with local honey, giving you this dry cider with hints of honey comb, spice and even a slight bit of bee terroir.
Bee HoppyHard Cider12oz$7.00We start with a blend of dessert varietal apples fermented with saison yeast. Then it’s dry hopped with loral hops and can/keg conditioned with raw honey and champagne yeast. Hoppy and bone dry! BEEutiful!
Love ChildHard Cider12oz$7.00The perfect combination of Mama’s Boy Hard Cider and Whalebird Kombucha’s Jasmine Bliss. The result? Pink, probiotic, boozy and fun! And yummy!
Sunday BrunchHard Cider12oz$7.00We co-ferment 100% Granny Smith apple juice with tangelo juice and zest. Can/keg conditioned with raw orange blossom honey and champagne yeast. Kick back with this Cider-mosa any day of the week.
FlightHard Cider16oz$12.00Enjoy a flight of 4 ciders (4 oz. each)
RotateHard Cider12oz$7.00We have a rotating handle for any of the fun creations we want to share with you!


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