Hard Core Cider Tour


Rolls into San Luis Obispo on October 26

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Music, Food, Fun

Gather your friends for refreshing cider, fresh air, and fun times.

Tour Stop Details

● Craft Hard Ciders ● Food ● Live Music ● Lawn Games ● Fresh Air ● Fun


What to Expect

Devoted to quality hard cider and the people who enjoy it, Hard Core Cider Tour is not your everyday drink fest. The difference lies in two words: guest experience.

  • Short lines: the wait is never long to try a new cider
  • Good value: your ticket treats you to unlimited 2 oz. pours of available ciders
  • Low-key: attendance numbers are kept purposely small to ensure flow
  • Group incentives: Group Rate (4+ Tickets) $30, Group gather / CIDER SQUAD (8+ Tickets) $30 & get the exclusive collectible t-shirt
  • Community support: each Tour supports a local nonprofit

Come join the fun

If you’ve been to the Hard Core Cider Tour, you know how much fun it is. 

If you haven’t been yet, you’re in for a treat. 

Do yourself a favor — don’t miss the tour! Get your tickets today. 

Quench your thirst for great craft cider.