Welcome to the new world -- Beda's Biergarten's Takeout Ordering!

We're excited to start offering takeout with a limited menu and daily specials. Expanding in the future!

Initial dates: Thu May 14, Fri May 15, Sat May 16
Hours of Pick-up: 4:30 – 7:30 pm

  • Please order 48 hours before your pick-up date.
  • Some items may be limited in quantity (Kassler Rippchen and Rouladen); we will do our best to let you know when these sell out.
  • All prices include tax.

How to Order:

  • 1.
    Fill out the form below with your name, email and phone.
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    Type in the items you'd like to order.
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    Submit your order

(Alternate) You can always give us a call to order. 📱 Phone: 805-439-2729

Payment Options:

We look forward to serving you our family recipes, imported German beers, and a hearty serving of hospitality.

Beda Specials

Menu ItemSpecial DatePriceDescription
Kassler Rippchen SpecialThu, May 14$23.00Includes (2) two sides
Spätzle CasseroleSpecialThu, May 14$16.00Choose 3 additions: Gouda, Emmentaler, Bacon, Chicken, Bell Pepper, Carrots, Onion, Garlic, Mushroom. Comes with side salad
Rouladen SpecialFri, May 15$23.00Includes (2) two sides
Sauerkraut Casserole SpecialFri, May 15$16.00
Main SchnitzelSpecialSat, May 16$21.00(Wiener, Jäger, Rahm) Includes (2) two sides
Beda’s Shepherds PieSpecialSat, May 16$16.00Comes with side salad


Mashed Potatoes









Pretzel with Mustard


Beda’s Stew


Beer & Wine

Purchase New Growler 32 oz Empty


🍻 To fill your growler check prices below

Purchase New Growler 64 oz Empty


🍻 To fill your growler check prices below

Available BeersCan/BottlesGrowlerCans/Botttles ($)4pack ($)Growler 32oz ($)Growler 64 oz ($)
Beda’s HellesYesYes$5.00$16.00$10.00$18.00
Beda’s KellerYesYes$5.00$16.00$10.00$18.00
Beda’s BockYesYes$5.00$16.00$10.00$18.00
Weihenstephaner Kristall WeisseYesNot Available$5.00$16.00NANA
Stiegl Grapefruit RadleYesNot Available$5.00$16.00NANA
Schoefferhofer Radler WeisseYesNot Available$5.00$16.00NANA
König PilsenerYesYes$5.00$16.00$10.00$18.00
Köstritzer SchwarzbierNot AvailableYesNANA$10.00$18.00
König Ludwig WeissbierNot AvailableYesNANA$10.00$18.00
Früh KölschNot AvailableYesNANA$12.00$20.00
Braufactum IPANot AvailableYesNANA$12.00$20.00
Weihenstephaner DoppelbockNot AvailableYesNANA$12.00$20.00
Hard CiderNot AvailableYesNANA$12.00$20.00
Available WinesTypeBottle
Wolff Vineyards Chardonnay White Wine$28
Wolff Vineyards RieslingWhite Wine$23
Wolff Vineyards RoseRose$23
Still Water Sauvignon BlancWhite Wine$23
Claiborne & Churchill Gewurztraminer White Wine$23
Wolff Vineyards Pinot Noir Red Wine$38
Wolff Vineyards Petite SyrahRed Wine$35
Rangeland CabernetRed Wine$26
Still Waters Red BlendRed Wine$30