June 11- July 11

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Soccer at Beda's Biergarten

San Luis Obispo

At Beda's Biergarten


Euro Cup is back after five long years! And so is the tradition of Soccer at Beda’s Biergarten! Come celebrate with us two ways!

Need to sign up by June 6, 2021


at Beda's Biergarten

11-JunFriday 12:00 PMTurkey vs ItalyNo
12-JunSaturday 6:00 AMWales vs SwitzerlandYES
12-JunSaturday 9:00 AMDenmark vs FinlandNo
12-JunSaturday 12:00 PMBelgium vs RussiaNo
13-JunSunday 6:00 AMEngland vs CroatiaYES
13-JunSunday 9:00 AMAustria vs N.MacedoniaNo
13-JunSunday 12:00 PMNetherland vs UkraineNo
14-JunMonday 6:00 AMScotland vs Czech RepublicYES
14-JunMonday 9:00 AMPoland vs SlovakiaYES
14-JunMonday 12:00 PMSpain vs SwedenYES
15-JunTuesday 9:00 AMHungary vs PortugalNo
15-JunTuesday 12:00 PMFrance vs GermanyNo
16-JunWednesday 6:00 AMFinland vs RussiaYES
16-JunWednesday 9:00 AMTurkey vs WalesNo
16-JunWednesday 12:00 PMItaly vs SwitzerlandNo
17-JunThursday 6:00 AMUkraine vs N.MacedoniaYES
17-JunThursday 9:00 AMDenmark vs BelgiumNo
17-JunThursday 12:00 PMNetherland vs AustriaNo
18-JunFriday 6:00 AMSweden vs SlovakiaYES
18-JunFriday 9:00 AMCroatia vs Czech RepublicNo
18-JunFriday 12:00 PMEngland vs ScotlandNo
19-JunSaturday 6:00 AMHungary vs FranceYES
19-JunSaturday 9:00 AMPortugal vs GermanyNo
19-JunSaturday 12:00 PMSpain vs PolandNo
20-JunSunday 9:00 AM Italy vs WalesNo
20-JunSunday 9:00 AMSwitzerland vs TurkeyNo
21-JunMonday 9:00 AMUkraine vs AustriaYES
21-JunMonday 9:00 AMN.Macedonia vs NetherlandsYES
21-JunMonday 12:00 PMFinland vs BelgiumYES
21-JunMonday 12:00 PMRussia vs DenmarkYES
22-JunTuesday 12:00 PMCzech Republic vs EnglandNo
22-JunTuesday 12:00 PMCroatia vs ScotlandNo
23-JunWednesday 9:00 AMSweden vs PolandNo
23-JunWednesday 9:00 AMSlovakia vs SpainNo
23-JunWednesday 12:00 PMGermany vs HungaryNo
23-JunWednesday 12:00 PMPortugal vs FranceNo

Join your fellow futbol fans and watch at the restaurant. We televise as many games as possible. Come pull up a chair and cheer on your favorite team while you enjoy our German food and beer. 

See the Game Schedule and mark your calendars for the matches you don’t want to miss.

Want to see a 6:00 am or Monday game? Call us and reserve your spot — or gather a group. If we get at least 10 people who commit to attending, we’ll show these games.


Pool Signup

Enter our Beda’s Soccer Pool for chances to win 15%, 10% or 5% off your purchases at Beda’s for an entire year — plus other prizes!

How to Enter

  • Fill out our online form
  • Pick 1 team from each group (A - H)
  • Enter your guess of how many total goals will be scored during Euro Cup 2021
  • Entries due by June 6, 2021

Alternate Ways to Enter
1. Download and fill in the PDF entry form. Click here for form.  
2. Bring it into Beda’s Biergarten or Email us the form.

Scoring System

  • You get 3 points for every win
  • 1 point for every tie of the teams you chose throughout the tournament

If two players have the same total points, the tiebreaker is:

  • The total goals scored by their teams
  • The closest guess of the total goals scored at the Euro Cup. (Fun fact: in the 2016 Euro Cup, 108 goals were scored.)
Form submission is now closed.

About Beda's Biergarten

San Luis Obispo, California

Beda’s Biergarten is home to authentic German cuisine, hospitality and the welcoming feeling of Gemütlichkeit in San Luis Obispo.

Owners Beda & Helga Schmidthues, originally from the Rhine area of Germany, share their family recipes in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere they created to reflect their favorite pub in Germany. They offer the best in German food, from Wurst and Schnitzel, to great salads, soups, and a hearty Sunday Brunch. Along with a full range of German beers and their custom-brewed Beda’s Biers, plus wine and cider for non-beer drinkers, there’s something to quench every thirst.

Beda’s Biergarten also offers full catering for your events, including beer service with the correct German glassware for each beer. Or host your very own Oktoberfest party!

You’re always welcome at Beda’s. Come in, sit down, and relax for a while in our family business. You’ll leave as a friend. Prost!

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